Pack Like A Pro: 5 Things To Include In Your Moving Suitcase

Moving to a new office is not just about transporting boxes; it’s about setting up your new workspace. Commercial movers are equipped to handle furniture assembly and arrangement, ensuring your office is ready for business as soon as possible. From desks and chairs to cubicles and conference room furniture, they take care of the heavy lifting and setup, allowing you to focus on resuming your operations smoothly. By entrusting your office relocation to experienced professionals, you can focus on your business’s core operations seamlessly and without unnecessary disruptions. Nevertheless, movers have different values and assurances across the board, making it imperative for entrepreneurs to choose wisely.

1. Clothing and Shoes

When moving, packing clothes in a suitcase is an excellent choice. Fold clothes carefully to prevent wrinkles during the move. Plastic bags can also be used for separating different clothes. Shoes can also be packed in suitcases, ideally in original boxes or similar-sized cardboard containers. Prioritize cleaning and air-drying shoes to avoid transporting dirt and mould. Stuffing shoes with packing paper maintains their shape, and individually wrapping each shoe prevents damage.

2. Essential Box

Packing an essentials box is crucial before moving day, ensuring access to necessary items during the relocation process. These items include bathroom essentials, medications, children's and pet’s necessities, personal belongings, etc. Since cardboard boxes cannot hold all essentials, using a large suitcase can be a practical and convenient solution.

3. Important Documents

Moving involves a lot of paperwork, so keep all your essential documents in one secure place. Important documents like birth certificates, passports, driver's licenses, and financial documents should be stashed in your suitcase after wrapping them in a suitable plastic cover.

4. Small Electric Appliances or Gadgets

Moving small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, stand mixers, or other electronic gadgets like mobile phones and chargers can be efficiently done using a suitcase. It offers easy packing without preparing cardboard boxes and provides better protection than standard boxes. If the original appliance boxes are available, they should be used; otherwise, wrapping each appliance with packing paper and securing it with tape before placing them in the suitcase is recommended. Adding clothing between items prevents shifting during transport, ensuring safe and efficient relocation.

5. Books

During a house move, using suitcases for transporting books is ideal to prevent excessive weight and associated risks. Packing small books in a suitcase, especially with wheels arranged flat with cloth padding, ensures an intelligent transportation choice for book lovers.
Final Words!

In the process of moving to a new place, utilizing suitcases alongside traditional packing methods can significantly improve the efficiency of your relocation. And while you are packing your suitcase, remember to explore the services of reliable packers and movers like VIG Moving company. By partnering with a reliable company like ours, you will simplify your move, providing peace of mind while transitioning to your new home.