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Blog - Preparing Your Items For Storage And Moving- Learn How To

Preparing Your Items For Storage And Moving- Learn How To

Preparing Your Items For Storage And Moving- Learn How To 1 Jun

Packing and moving get very hectic when you are on your own. It is better to hire moving companies. We, VIG Moving are known as the affordable moving company in Dallas, cheap movers in Plano, as well as affordable movers Arlington.

What to consider while packing up your things for storage?

There are a lot of things that you should keep in your mind while storing your stuff.

  • Storage restrictions: Learn and research what is the restriction for the first rule of storing, i.e., what things are storable and what is not. You should have a list of restricted articles with you. In some vehicles or storage units some dangerous items like chemicals, narcotics, gasoline, fireworks, fertilizers, propane tanks, explosives, etc. are not allowed. Other items are the one which perishes with time like food, plants, and medicines.
  • Inventory list: Always make sure to be ready with a list of all items that you want to move. Otherwise, you may mix some items that should not be packed together. For example, glass items should be kept with each other and not with other items made up of metal, wood, or so. Every carton should be well planned and filled appropriately.
  • Unwanted items: Segregate items into ‘required’, ‘trash’, and ‘donate’. Trash products which have expired or are of no use to anyone anymore. Donate old things that you do not want to use anymore, and keep the required things to be packed and moved.
  • Boxes: When you're using carton boxes, make sure that you label them properly on the top and on sides. This will make it easier to know which carton should be stored below and which will be stored on the top. Delicate items like glassware need to be on the top. And also, it will let you know which box is heavy.
  • Weather conditions: Keep an eye on what items are you packing that need safeguarding from outside conditions. Some items may be sensitive to dust, moisture, temperature change, and mildew. Clothing, shoes, and many more items need your attention as they all have different care instructions.
  • Large items: Try to disassemble large items like furniture. It makes it easier to move and does not eat up much space in the storage.
  • Appliances: Electrical appliances should be packed in their own boxes in which they were bought. It is best to keep the packaging boxes of electrical appliances with you.

Our services

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Every single piece of your items will be safe from our side and we will make sure that you follow the packing instructions to get 100% assurance of no damage. The next time you need a moving company in the above-mentioned regions, just call us for a happy moving.

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